Bluewater Lodge

BlueWater’s lakeshore location on highly visited Leech Lake, only three miles from Walker, distinguishes it as one of the most enjoyable vacation destinations and safest investment opportunities in north-central Minnesota. Like oceanfront, there is a limited amount of lakeshore on Leech, and a very limited amount of Leech Lake lakeshore property near Walker. BlueWater is situated in a private, serene setting, yet sits squarely in the middle of everything you need to entertain every member of your family, year-round.

Of all the lakes in Minnesota, Leech is the crown jewel, consisting of 184 square miles for fishing, boating, and water sports. As one of the deepest areas of Leech, Walker Bay is one of the most desirable fishing locations in the lake. Leech’s fishing population is closely monitored by the Leech Lake Task Force, a group of local business owners dedicated to ensuring the health of Leech Lake and it’s fishing population.

Of all the towns in the Leech Lake area, Walker in particular is populated with supporters year-round who invest heavily in their community. For more than a century Walker has been a thriving mini-metropolis and one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of out-state Minnesota. All indications are that the economic situation is only improving. Lakefront property near Walker is Malibu-esque, in that it has proven to be a virtually risk-free investment since the logging tycoons began building their mansions here in 1898.

Few towns in Minnesota rival the charm, services, and activities offered by Walker. It is the quintessential up-north town, chock full of the events and amenities that keep your vacation interesting after you’ve maxed out on fishing. And of course, being so close to Walker means easy access to the basics: gas stations, bait shop, hardware store, pharmacy, grocery store, post office, bank, library, bookstore, fish house or boat rental, liquor store, coffee house, and ice cream cones. A vacation is hardly a vacation if you have to spend an hour on the road just to acquire a gallon of milk or bottle of wine.