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It’s National Great Outdoors Month!

Designated in June of 2019, National Great Outdoors Month is a time to celebrate the outdoors and recognize the benefits of our national, state, and local trails and parks. The first Saturday in June kicks off the celebration with National Trails Day. The trails offer an abundance of things to do for the whole family, from birdwatching to extreme mountain biking.

America’s Trail Systems
The trail systems throughout the U.S., from urban to rural, offer places for restoration and solitude, endless learning opportunities, locations to move and exercise, and space for fun, laughter, and excitement. Make new memories this month by exploring a new trail or trying a new activity.

Plus five health benefits to spending time outdoors from Harvard Medical School:

  • Vitamin D levels will go up
  • You’ll get more exercise
  • You’ll be happier
  • Your concentration will improve
  • You may heal faster

Where To Stay While Exploring The Great Outdoors

Connecting with nature is easy at Leisure Hotels & Resorts destinations. From primitive to luxury, there’s something for everyone.

Visit Cove Point Lodge and find a hidden waterfall while hiking some of Minnesota’s most beautiful trails, plan a trip to Gallatin River Lodge and fish Montana’s blue-ribbon waters, mountain bike award-winning trails at Crosby Lofts, explore North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park while lodging at Roosevelt Grand Dakota Hotel, or learn how to golf the Jay Way at Jay Peak Resort in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

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Learn more about Great Outdoors Month at the National Park Service or the American Hiking Society websites below:

National Park Service: https://www.nps.gov/articles/great-outdoors-month.htm
American Hiking Society: https://americanhiking.org/

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  • What Is Hiking?
  • Hiking Checklist
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