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Who is Leisure, and what is Hospitality Management?

We are a full service hospitality management company

With offices in Kansas City, Central Minnesota and Branson Missouri, our commitment and ability to drive profitable top line revenues enhances our guest experience and investor returns. From day to day operations, sales & marketing, facility development, renovation, repositioning, construction, brokerage and consulting services we can service all segments of the hospitality industry.

How can we make a difference?

We build a unique strategy for the best financial gain for each property we manage.

Over the last 25 years The Leisure Group of Companies continues to develop our systems and team to optimize the performance of all our projects. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach, as each property has its unique attributes that allow us to create a specific business plan to achieve the best practices for operational and financial results.


Leisure Hotels & Resorts has a proven track record for managing a wide variety of properties including but not limited to hotels, resorts, ski facilities, restaurants, convention centers, and many other facilities.

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