Distressed Asset Management

Distressed Asset Management &
Receivership Services

Leisure Hotels and Resorts understands the technical and legal processes a lender faces when receiving a distressed property.   If it be through foreclosure, bankruptcy, or negotiated transitional handovers, Or if you’re the borrower and your lender is requiring your to seek help, we have the experience to handle any type of asset.   We have extensive experience in independent and branded hotel, resort and condo association operations and receiverships.  Since the late 1980’s, Leisure has managed distressed hospitality assets from local, regional and national lending institutions including the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC).  

Distressed Asset Management of All Sizes
From one asset to a portfolio of multiple assets across the county, our firm and its network can handle hospitality receivership and operational assignments of any size, with any franchise across The US, Canada and the Caribbean

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Distressed Asset Management Services

We understand the importance to stabilize and increase asset value in all distressed operations. Once engaged we focus on understanding the priorities for each asset. From staffing to marketing and cash management to financial reporting, we operate them in a cost-effective manner while providing the stakeholders a realistic timeline and plan for the ultimate exit. Our monthly detailed financials allow accurate and up to date financial data that helps guide our decision making process. We understand many of the examiners needs for traditional lenders that allow us to create a correct strategy for all parties involved and worked with many OREO/Special asset departments.

From leading and managing the employees, working with vendors, negotiating contracts and working with all the major franchises, we offer a turn key service to support the challenging times the asset is in.

Hospitality Receivership Services

We understand that the last resort for both lenders and borrowers in the receivership process. A very complex and dynamic situation for all parties. In the Hospitality world, it usually includes on going operations as well. As a receiver of hospitality products, we understand the importance of continuation of services for the operation and the least amount of distractions for the team on the ground.
With our experience, operating distressed assets, and receiverships we understand the balancing act it takes. From the initial asset inventory, reviewing asset condition, working with employees, vendors and franchises to the ultimate exit strategy for all parties, we get what it takes to make this stressful time less painful.

Approved Operator for Most Major Brands / Franchises

Looking for Professional Receivership Services?

If you’re looking for a unique management style with a hands on approach for your next resort project then we’d love to speak to you. 

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