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Resort Management Services - Leisure Hotels & Resorts

Leisure Hotels & Resorts is a comprehensive management company with the experience and proven track record to back our words. When you work with us, you gain access to an authentic, versatile team and a network of unlimited resources.

We specialize in complex, independent, properties and we understand not having a major franchise’s support. We built a team with the right skills to create exceptional guest experiences that bring value and grow the bottom line. Our strategy increases the lifetime revenue value of each guest.

Leisure Hotels & Resorts helps with some of the most common hurdles, including customized marketing plans, food and beverage operation management, strategic sales plans, accounting, forecasting and budgeting, banking relationships, HOA relationships, HR, recruitment, and more.

We respect that every property and project is different, and we create a personalized plan building off your unique strengths to achieve financial success. We meet you where you are and combine our years of expertise with yours to attain shared goals.

We are here to help. Let’s talk.

Please click here to send us a quick RFP or contact Leisure Hotels & Resorts, President Jamie Tatge, direct at jtatge@leisurehotel.com or 218-212-8898.

Scott Randolph

Scott Randolph

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