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Homeowner Association Management

At Leisure Hotels and Resorts we have a long history of working not only with the ownership groups that fund the lodging properties we manage but, in many cases, the Homeowner Associations who have vested interests in making sure the properties succeed. While the interests of both ownership and homeowner associations is often similar, the path to consensus can be tricky to navigate. Our approach has proved successful across more than a dozen years and the management of more than 3 dozen HOA’s- that being; the key to harmony in the world of Association management is communication, transparency and accountability.

While we provide meaningful depth in areas like Homeowner Accounting, Property Management, Amenity Management, Administration, and Reserve Planning, the real key to managing the interests of both Homeowners and Ownership relates to managing the process from the inside, out—recognizing that each group has the best interest in the properties in mind but often times dissimilar approaches to achieving those metrics of success.

Using Leisure Hotels and Resorts to interface between your Homeowner Associations and the properties you own gives you both an experienced partner and a skilled facilitator who understands that shared victories require a shared vision.

Homeowner Accounting

We have years of experience in not only creating Homeowner Associations but managing them, organizing them and helping them understand their role within the broader context of your business. At the heart of creating a strong partnership with your HOA is the ability to help make sense of their approach to accounting. We’ve integrated dozens of different systems, developed delinquency management protocols and created timely reporting through the CPA team we have on staff. Sound HOA relationships are built on a foundation of solid accounting practices and we’ve managed businesses with HOA relationships ranging from 1 to more than a dozen.

Property Management
Within the context of an HOA, it’s important to understand that their property really is our property; a guest neither understands nor cares about the nuance of ownership-they just want to enjoy the property they’ve rented. We have decades of experience creating rental programs, building contracts, creating quality tiers and property management programs that assure the most important person in the hospitality equation, the guest, ends up leaving satisfied.

Amenities Management
Managing amenities is one of the biggest competitive advantages of working with the team at Leisure Hotels and Resorts Our team of hospitality professionals has an unrivaled depth of experience, managing recreational assets from a 60k square foot indoor waterpark, 1000 acre ski resorts, marinas, and championship golf courses, to indoor climbing walls, recreation fields, Olympic sized hockey arenas, aquatic centers and entertainment centers. Lift serviced Mountain Biking, major events, concerts, bowling alleys, and arcades? We’ve done that too.

Reserve Planning
Arguably the most important role in managing a successful HOA over the long term, is contingency and logistical planning for major projects, capital improvements and maintenance and development programming. Our recipe for success, as is the case with much of what creates a successful HOA
relationship, relates to communication-between both the ownership group, the HOA Board of Directors and with individual homeowners.

Access to Leisure Hotel and Resort’s team of professionals provides you with a group that understands how to navigate the sometimes-complex governance documents pertaining to Homeowner Association management and stewardship. The formalities of running a successful HOA Program are
something we take pride in and while the paperwork necessary to making sure there’s compliance can be daunting, we’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we can certainly help.


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