Homeowners Associations

Leisure Hotels has a strong commitment to Homeowners’ Association Management dating back more than a decade. Communication and hands on management are the keys to our success. We work in collaboration with the homeowners and board members to ensure all aspects of your Association run smoothly. From ensuring HOA’s are financially sound, making appropriate decisions for overall asset values, to managing daily expenses, contract and planning for the future, Leisure Hotels brings sound and unwavering direction to your Association.


We use detailed accounting systems to document all expenditures made for each association. It is imperative financial reporting is accurate and easy to understand. Sound fiscal and budgetary principles are used for assessment collections, disbursement of funds and processing of delinquencies. We provide monthly financial statements and all tax and audit preparation is handled by a Certified Public Accountant.

Property Management

Our staff perform quarterly inspections of Owners’ property and common interest property to ensure safety, functionality and overall appearance meet or exceed the expectations of the owners. Owners’ reports are provided to keep you informed of the condition of your valuable asset and written action plans are provided should an issue needs to be addressed.

Amenities Management

With our diverse portfolio, we have developed a proven track record managing not only Hotels & Resorts, but also all of their wide ranging on-site and off-site amenities. Talk to us today about our experience managing the following:

  1. Ski Mountains (Maintenance & Operations)
  2. Golf Courses
  3. Entertainment Complexes (Booking, Operations, & Maintenance)
  4. Water Parks
  5. Bike & ATV Trails
  6. Ice rinks (Indoor & Outdoor)
  7. Pools & Aquatic Centers
  8. Arcades & Bowling Alleys


Our management team can assist you with interrupting, navigating and implementing the complex governing documents for your homeowners’ association.

Reserve Planning

We assist in developing long range plans for major maintenance and capital improvements which require both financial and logistical planning. We work closely with the Board of Directors as well as impute from homeowners on assessing maintenance and capital needs.




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