National Golf Month

Golfer performs a golf shot from the fairway.

Fore! August is National Golf Month.

Fun Golf Facts:

  • Golf originated in Scotland
  • Tiger Woods made his first hole-in-one when he was eight years old
  • Phil Mickelson is right-handed, but he golfs left-handed
  • A golf ball will travel further on hot days because the air is less dense
  • Only two sports have ever been played while on the moon. One is golf, and the other is the javelin throw
  • If you walk all eighteen holes, instead of riding in a golf cart, you will walk approximately four miles

National Golf Month encourages shared experiences in the outdoors and bringing new golfers to the courses. August is a great time to get outside, and many of the golf courses are offering discounts.

Golf is a popular activity at our vacation destinations, whether onsite, public, or private courses; there is something for everyone and every skill level. The Leisure Hotels & Resorts’ properties span across the country, so we’ve got you covered when planning your golf trip.  See all of our destinations here.

Below are a few ideas to get you started.

The course, designed by Graham Cooke and surrounded by the green mountains at Jay Peak Resort in Northern Vermont, is breathtaking. At Jay Peak, the phrase “down to earth” means more than the friendly, casual attitude found in everyone who works at the course. It’s actually about the earth. It’s in the beautiful terrain, the natural waterways, and the manicured greens. Make your reservations here

Escape the crowds and revel in panoramic views at Black Rock Mountain Resort in Park City, Utah. The surrounding area is home to seven public and eight private courses. The mild weather is perfect for golfing, and don’t be surprised if your game is improved; the mountain air holds a secret. Make your reservations today!

Celebrate golf month by enjoying time with friends and making memories!

*Fun facts courtesy of Keiser University College of Golf

Scott Randolph

Scott Randolph

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