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Hospitality – the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers.

Welcome! Please sit back, enjoy the views, and let’s get to know each other. Leisure Hotels & Resorts is an all-encompassing hospitality management company. We believe the key to success is building authentic relationships. We collaborate with our clients combining the success of our culture with theirs to achieve common goals. Our team is built on respect, hard work, and having fun. This cultivation over many years is what sets us apart and how we deliver results.

The name, Leisure, embodies who we are and our approach. We are fortunate to say that the work we do is powered by passion. Hospitality is in our DNA, with our diverse team having 175 years combined experience in all areas, starting from the ground up. We are more than a management firm. We understand the detailed work that goes on behind the scenes because of our extensive backgrounds.

With entrepreneurial spirit, Leisure Hotels and Resorts was founded in 1985. We worked with full-service hotels including Hyatt and Holiday Inn in secondary and tertiary markets throughout the United States. Over the past 34 years we have evolved to become a leader in independent hotels and resorts. We like to say “We are serial entrepreneurs who work for serial entrepreneurs.”

We don’t only do it “our way”, we do it together building off “your way” and properly positioning you for success. Our portfolio is filled with a variety of unique properties from small 8-room lofts to large ski resorts with a capacity of over 3000. We join forces with people that have the same consistent goals of being profitable, working together, and listening to guests feedback.

Together, we will create a successful environment and memorable experience for your guests, employees, owners, investors, and the local community.

Please comment or connect with us and let us know how we can help.

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