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It has been a wild ride the last 18 months in the hospitality industry. There has been a lot of change. Some of the change has been good, some not so good. We know that resorts and hotels are facing challenges, and we are here to help.

Leisure Hotels & Resorts is an all-encompassing management company powered by passion but also backed by 175 years of combined hospitality experience. This combination, along with our entrepreneurial spirit, is what sets us apart. Passion is an empty promise without the experience to back it.

We understand the challenges because we’ve been there and not only the last 18 months. Leisure was founded in 1985, and through the years, our innovative team has pivoted, transformed, and adapted. Years of experience and learning from our successes and failures drives everything we do.

There is very little within the global hospitality industry that we haven’t seen, managed, or helped succeed. Our portfolio includes a broad range of partners, projects, and unique properties showcasing our proven track record.

Put our passion and practicality to work for you.

We’re here to help.


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